Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Disrupt, Don't Disrupt

remember Nancy Pelosi told Cal Grads:
“You here at Berkeley are already disruptors in many ways,” she said. “Being called a disruptor, in my view, is a very high compliment.”

Then see this CHE piece: A Bid to ‘Control a Contagion’ of Commencement Protests

Bowen volunteers to fill in for Birgeneau at Haverford-- he volunteers with the idea in mind to tell off Haverford? He called his host a contagion?
Bowen includes:
"People should of course protest, and it is essential if they have that right," Mr. Bowen added. "But protest in civil and nondisruptive ways."

"if they have that right"...hhhmmmm.
Eventually Bowen gets 'it' about Birgeneau:
He wishes the speakers whose invitations become controversial would sit down with the protesters and talk about their concerns. Mr. Birgeneau, Mr. Bowen said, should never have stayed home.

-and ding, ding, ding- that behavior is precisely why things went bad for him at Cal in the last several years of his term as Chancellor (having to chase billions in donations also might change people, too.)

Many still talking about Haverford - and the students who protested Birgeneau- once again, imo - it looks like a win for Haverford.
A win for Cal, too-at Cal the message was:
“Our founders were successful disruptors of the then-status quo,” the California Democrat said. “Being called a disruptor, in my view, is a very high compliment.”

“Our Founders created a democracy, a government of the many, not a government of the money,” Pelosi said. “So let’s be disruptors.”

Read it in full at RollCall

also see, specifically on the Haverford speech scenario:
First, the would-be commencement speakers were not being censored; they were being protested.
Second, Bowen and other critics have railed against students for being unwilling to listen to different worldviews. This is a misreading.

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