Thursday, May 8, 2014

Haverford, It Isn't Over Yet...

so why extend the invitation to Birgeneau before it is resolved?

First, see: Haverford Mired In Its Own Commencement Speaker Controversy

"But, the group said, they would support his appearance if he meets nine demands, including publicly apologizing, supporting reparations for the victims and writing a letter to Haverford students, explaining his position on the events and “what you learned from them.”

--but this is still goin' on:
UC Berkeley administrators not dismissed from Occupy Cal lawsuit
- so why extend the invitation in the first place?

More background:
Keep administrators on the hook
By ruling against UC Berkeley administrators' request to be dismissed from Occupy Cal-related lawsuit, judge ensures accountability and transparency.
Senior Editorial Board Daily Cal (they are not hippies- not part of 'the crunchy')

As a reminder see:

Other things that immediately come to mind:
Robert Birgeneau Knew Of Baton Use By Campus Police And Made No Objection, Emails Reveal (2012)

UC Berkeley Chancellor Interjects Politics Into Arizona Tragedy (2011) - and it was politics on a 'not directly' related topic- and the Chancellor at UCSC should have been the first and primary response b/c UCSC alum was involved.

Cal basketball: NCAA Slaps Bears With Two Years Probation-Due To "Staff's Neglect" (2011)(coincidentally, this happened during a time when Birgeneau claimed a great friendship with the head of the NCAA)

UC Berkeley's Endowment Seating Program Doesn't Quite Add Up -The Campus's Plan to Go Into Debt to Retrofit Memorial Stadium Is a Problematic Issue (2011)

Facing Title IX Pressure, Cal May Restore the Teams It Cut (2011)
- and the admin he headed was out to lunch on the other aspects on Title IX and Cal is living with the consequences in present daily headlines..

ACLU raises more concerns about procedures at UC Berkeley (2011)

UC Becoming A Federal University, Chancellor Says (2011)

UC Berkeley Bloated, Wasteful, Consultants Say (2010)(that came out SIX years into his term in office)

Operational Mediocrity- Daily Californian (2010) (that came out SIX years into his term in office)

A Tangled Web At Berkeley by UC Santa Cruz Professor John Ellis (2009)

other stuff could be listed -- it is a long list- but that's the gist.

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