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Interdisciplinary based, Discipline based - more

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CHE: Why the Disciplines Still Matter

Teaching is also surprisingly interdisciplinary. In a series of surveys dating to the 1990s and conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles, roughly 40 percent of faculty members report having offered an interdisciplinary course within the previous two years. Counts of course offerings reveal the substantial fraction of courses that are cross-listed between fields. And the basic premise of American undergraduate education is generalist in orientation: Liberal-arts students in the United States continue their general education before adopting a professional or academic specialty longer than do students in many other countries.

and then:

...While discipline-based scholars cooperate in many contexts, including universitywide committees, they also compete with colleagues in other fields for faculty positions, lab space, research grants, and intellectual authority.
UC Berkeley loses a center to that farm: Campus’s War Crimes Studies Center moves to Stanford

“David had difficulty getting support, and he’s getting more support from Stanford. How can you blame him (for moving)?” Bajcsy said.

Cohen had hoped to sustain a center on campus in order to continue working with UC Berkeley students.

“Over the years, working with undergrads through URAP has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my 35 years at Berkeley,” Cohen said.


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