Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Is UC Cooperating With US Senators' Survey Request?

see: Influential Lobbyists Jump Into The Middle Of McCaskill Sexual Assault Survey

McCaskill, as chair of the Senate Subcomittee on Financial and Contracting Oversight, sent out an extensive survey last month to 450 colleges and universities asking for feedback on campus sexual assault. McCaskill has paid close attention to college sexual assault this year, conducting site visits and round-table discussions in addition to surveying schools as she prepares to file legislation on the issue.

However, McCaskill's office said, the American Council for Education has retained a private law firm to conduct a webinar for member institutions, cautioning them on whether and how they should respond to the senator's sexual assault survey.

The ACE is a prominent higher education lobbying group representing both public and private colleges as well as accreditors. With 1,800 member institutions, the group touts itself as the nation's most "influential higher education association."

"I have now received reports from several representatives of educational institutions that the webinar cautioned institutions regarding whether and how they would respond to the survey," McCaskill wrote in a letter to ACE President Molly Corbett Broad. "I have also heard reports that this webinar has had a chilling effect on institutions' participation in the survey."

What is UC's position?
there is: a UC Regents Meeting this week on Wed and Thurs

and they are also meeting on the selection of a student regent

and later in the month-May 22- the Committee on Investments will be meeting- some information on them: here in the links.

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