Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother of a round up


Aggie: California Senator Introduces DREAM Loan Act
Think this is the same Tom Campbell who is the former dean of Cal Haas B School:
Tom Campbell: A safer way for state to fund preschool
A helpful ProPublica piece on turning unpaid internships around.
Listen to this 2011 in depth one hour interview on a UC Davis whistleblower experience- at How She Really Does It blog. (It includes other very Mother's Day friendly links there, so decided to throw it in the mix today.) If it leaves you with more questions than answers there is this- it includes links to additional excerpts, too.
FYI there were chancellor search meetings the UC Regents conducted last week
May 8 Special Committee Meeting: UCSF Chancellor Search (closed session)
May 9 Special Committee Meeting: UCI Chancellor Search (closed session)
and a reminder
May 14-15 Regents Meeting - Sacramento agenda items here.

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