Friday, May 30, 2014

Napolitano with more on UCSB, IV Tragedy; and Google, Mexico, Too. Other Late Friday news...

see : Napolitano: UC-Mexico Initiative Will Make California Stronger
What was your initial reaction to the shooting in Santa Barbara?

I was just horrified. In fact I had literally just gotten back from Mexico City, and like most people I was looking forward to a nice, calm three-day weekend. But then you have to go into, ‘What do we need to do?’ We need to make sure the campus has an emergency operation center up and running. The [UCSB] chancellor was in Boston visiting his grandchildren [so] we needed to get him back to the campus; working with the sheriff’s office to get the identities of the victims so that we could then reach out to the families; making sure those who are in the hospital are getting good care. All those things have to happen simultaneously.

At the same time, [we were] thinking about support services the campus might want to offer students, staff and faculty in terms of counseling. A couple of our campuses were already done with school, so they were able to make resources available immediately. The [UCSB] campus decided it wanted to have a memorial. They did that on Tuesday, and cancelled class. It was a remarkable event – 20,000 young people crammed into a football stadium totally silent. It was just very powerful.

What will you carry from this experience?

Sadly, what I carry is that I’ve been to too many of these, and through too many of these. As the governor, as the Homeland Security secretary … these mass casualty events, I’ve just seen and been through many by this point in my career. And in a sad way, that was very helpful because many at the campus had never been through anything like this.

What steps can or should the university take to deter similar incidents in the future?

this broke late today:
UC Berkeley Administrator Accused Of Stealing $90,000 From School, Had Previous Embezzling Conviction - the comments there- the part about HR not so Operationally Excellent practices...disturbing to read.

Time Magazine is also covering it- more detailed.

SJ Merc .

SF Chronicle -with a comment about a hole in UC practices - but that excuse has already been used before...perplexing.

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