Thursday, May 22, 2014

Napolitano's Letter Appears To Call On Obama Administration To Drop Its Gainful Employment Proposal- does it?

Arne vs Janet Part II? see:
Inside Higher Ed: Napolitano's Perplexing Letter

Officials at the UC system on Wednesday said that Napolitano’s letter was not, in fact, suggesting that the administration form an interagency working group instead of pursing its gainful employment rules.
Rather, she is calling for such a working group in addition to the administration’s regulatory efforts on for-profit colleges, according to Gary Falle, associate vice president for federal relations.
“It’s not an either-or" proposition, he said. “We are fighting for and will continue to fight for the strongest gainful employment rule, and our comments on the proposed rule will show that next week.”
“This whole interagency group was for the administration to take immediate executive action right now,” he added.
The University of California had a representative on the negotiated rule making committee that met last fall to draft the new gainful employment rule.

Did she reach a compact with Blum at a UC Regents dinner? Remember this old story on the $53 mil?

The state aspect to what gets looked at and what doesn't get looked at, remember the California Watch series here?

and, the scorecards and all that

it would be good if the UCOP communication/letter was clearer on this...
This letter is clear to her, see:
UC Faculty Call on UC Administration To Negotiate in Good Faith with Student-Worker TA Union
Dear President Napolitano,

UC Regents investments committee meets today- info here

1:30 pm Committee on Investments (open session - includes public comment session)
2:30 pm Committee on Investments (closed session)

California : A Tale of Two States

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