Saturday, May 3, 2014

nation state, failed state, house divided, smooth sailing

'President of the UC Regents and Governor' Brown on California in depth interview w/ CNN here:
he uses Nobel counting, the iterative process/no failures mentality of SV - it gives you a sense of his mindset these days.

With a GDP of just under two trillion dollars, it’s the eighth-largest economy in the world – bigger than South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines combined. Bigger, even, than Russia.

For good and for ill, California impacts the world.

(approx 7 minute clip)

'One in four Californians is foreign born' the caption here in this clip along with 'Governing an Ungovernable State:

Amanpour (who is married to Jamie Rubin...) includes this special 36 second video clip about Governor Brown on a Hillary Clinton (also former Foggy Bottom)POTUS candidacy. It was a li'l reminder of how Chuck Todd slightly obnoxiously handled the US Ambassador to Japan, she looked a bit exasperated by the repeated follow up to the HRC endorsement question, too. It does come across kind of as 'soliciting' rather than reporting -even to those who might support an HRC run (support for an the emblematic 'run' not necessarily being the same as supporting 'the candidate'), or candidacy.

and WSJ on 'little burdens'
Multiple Choice Exam Too Hard or too limiting for the President of the UC Regents?

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