Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Student Regent Designate Announced and UCR comes up in the investments committee in harsh way

see Daily Cal: Student regent from UCLA nominated for 2015-16

Hope that... the new student regent and the new student regent designate get to work on this issue of expanding the student regent positions primarily -- and that they are not pigeon holed into only discussing other stuff, cuz to get this done would be great- see Daily Bruin:

Instead of having just one student regent and one student regent-designate on the current 26-member regents board, Oved said he wants to establish one undergraduate and one graduate student regent position, each with its own accompanying regent-designate position. If Oved’s proposal comes to fruition, there would be a total of four UC students on a 28-member regents board.

Oved said having more than two students on a board that speaks for about 240,000 students has been a proposal for years, with past student regents and members of the UC Student Association voicing support for it.

In addition to talking to past student regents about his proposal, he said he has heard support for it from current regents too, including UC President Janet Napolitano, regents Bonnie Reiss and Sherry Lansing and former UC President Mark Yudof.

“Hopefully this will tackle the issue of apathy on campuses,” Oved said. “Hopefully that in itself would push students to question what the Board of Regents does and how they govern the UC and see the value of having more student representation on the board.”

Oved said he would work to get the constitutional amendment necessary to amend the regents board’s composition on the 2016 state ballot.

- or, wild idea, maybe the Governor could work out a deal w/ 'em to give his three still vacant UC Regents seats to the above - with an MOU that says those regent seats are for one year only and only for students.

Also hope to link to coverage of today's UC investments committee meeting soon...
- what was said about the person handling UCR investments there was...well, it sounded a bit unprofessional on the part of a couple of committee members- see that section begin at about the 01:25:00. (Really don't think some in that group 'gets it' on what they look like they are doin'- to an outside more diverse audience. Also, the curiosity still remains for why the other UCOP based female CIO just up and left suddenly last July- and it also rekindles other old history in some minds- so not great to talk about rare female campus CIO in this manner...)

-What was discussed about the UC foundations, donors- and the push back they might give on certain issues - was interesting.

-It also was an opportunity to hear Wachter and Sherman finally interacting on UC Regent biz..
You can watch archive video of it here just toggle to the 15:00 mark to see it, it runs to about the 01:40:00 mark. Regent M, Keiffer, also at that meeting along with Bob Samuels of Changing Universities,and staff advisor Barton, and the alumni UC Regent Feingold-- and others who had tent cards that were not visible to the camera or easily identifiable.

attachments for the agenda items can also be found in the links here.

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