Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Non Traditional At UCR and 'UC Is A Political Problem' Comes Up Again

at UCR The Plight of Nontraditional Students in the Inland Empire

What becomes more startling as you look at the data from the report is that Riverside Country specifically has 76 percent of adults with no degree, a 14 percent poverty rate and a 12.7 percent unemployment rate. Riverside County represents a similar landscape to the rest of the Inland Empire. As a whole, the Inland Empire has about 2.2 million residents without a degree, which is about 75 percent of the population. The poverty rate is likewise about 15 percent, which aligns with the national average.

In the bubble of UCR it feels surreal to read these statistics of the communities that surround this academic institution. The Inland Empire is a financially desolate area that needs to invest in the future of all its citizens, and needs the proper resources to do so. The plan Gov. Brown has set forward to provide 15,000 more full-time seats at local community colleges is an important step. Our actions should not just be limited to ourselves — we need to look to the broader community and work toward addressing the poverty Riverside and the larger Inland Empire face.

UC Berkeley Students Help Form National Caucus To Address Public Higher Education Issues
The caucus will meet regularly, as will committees from the systemwide student governments — including the University of California Student Association — to come up with recommendations for the caucus.

Student groups that deal with national issues now have a direct channel through which to communicate their concerns, said ASUC External Affairs Vice President Safeena Mecklai.

“It’s important because students have a lot of issues that would be dealt with better if they had the opportunity to voice their concerns to national legislators,” Mecklai said. “Students at the UC don’t see themselves as deserving of a voice at the national level.”

UCR,which Time Mag gave high marks to - the rankings games again...

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