Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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if you are bored by UC Regent meetings, there's:

Profiling The Flagship University Model: An Exploratory Proposal for Changing the Paradigm From Ranking to Relevancy by John Aubrey Douglass and a blog post here on it too
Some at CSU discussing the higher ed workplace--since UC employees are part of a higher ed pseudo state employee pool they might want to also take note:

Chico State and the rest of the California State Universities struggle with institutional bullying, causing health issues and fear among employees.
By Yessenia Funes, The Orion, Chico State (CA) University, April 24, 2014
A Chico State employee spends nights awake in bed.
The next day at work, the employee is welcomed by threats from a supervisor and singled out — micromanaged and stripped of the ability to make work-related decisions. Disturbing comments are made behind closed doors. Performance evaluations are held when no one else is in the office.
“I’m actually ill from all this. I can’t sleep at night. I cry as soon as I leave work. I’m paranoid that my supervisor will come into my office and fire me,” wrote the employee in a set of anonymous comments
No Break in Fight to Save S.F.’s City College

Sen. Mark Leno’s SB 965, which would provide an emergency cash infusion to help offset lost revenues (that next year alone are projected at $23-26 million) related to falling enrollment.

Assemblymember Rob Bonta’s Fair Accreditation for California Community Colleges Act (AB 1942) would address alleged ACCJC abuses by empowering community college districts to go outside ACCJC to choose an accrediting agency from other regional agencies across the country that are recognized by the federal Department of Education. The legislation would also require an accreditor to make decisions at public hearings and forbid them from shredding documents for 10 years.

In the wake of a legal and political backlash that also has included an audit by the legislature’s Joint Legislative Audit Committee and an official censure last year from the U.S. Department of Education, the ACCJC’s head has remained remarkably unbowed.

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