Friday, May 2, 2014

Paying for Memorial Stadium for Graduation?

see CBS local: UC Berkeley Charging Students To Attend Their Own Graduation, Pelosi To Speak

is it for the Memorial Stadium rebuild - or truly for graduation?

According to the The Daily Californian, Stanford University, UC Davis and St. Mary’s College do not require graduates to pay to attend their commencement ceremonies.

and is this for other departmental costs?

The smaller departmental commencement ceremonies – such as the English department – charge additional fees to attend the more intimate ceremonies. The English department charges $10 for its own ceremony, while the department of environmental science, policy and management charges $2 for each attendee.

and then consider the above again after you've read the Daily Cal series on how students deal with tuition.

and a neat interactive graphic for the series here and see the editor's note with it: Editor’s note: Flagship public universities across the United States give varying amounts of financial aid to their students. When compared to 12 comparable schools — similar in student size and academic prestige among other factors — UC Berkeley costs more on average for in-state students and hands out a smaller percentage of financial aid to its students.

anyway, for graduation-- is it that way at other UC campuses or not?
on the UCLA Sterling donation as an indicator on UC-- oafish, elegant, institutional, situational - lots of ways to term it - but what to do about it?

PS Just want to point out related to the above that David Geffen is being talked about as a potential new Clippers owner (along with UC 'major Oracle vendor' Larry Ellison and Oprah Winfrey)- and his Geffen CEO Richard Sherman is currently awaiting confirmation as a UC Regent-or is he already confirmed? Here he is listed as: "Mr. Sherman has been a Director of The Regents Of The University Of California since January 2014." -just to confuse his status with UC further.--and recall Mr. Geffen and namesake UCLA Medical Center. Are UC, The Clippers gonna be like Carbon Beach, or vice versa?

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