Friday, May 16, 2014

post regents' meeting mini round up

Pew's Stateline Students Paying Bigger Share of Public College Costs
If you're wondering what that letter to Birgeneau looked like? - it seems to be posted here. It does not read like a 'list of demands' - they just 'urge' him- but apparently it made him flip.

There's this NYT thing: In Season of Protest, Haverford Speaker Is Latest to Bow Out " a growing list of schools to lose commencement speakers to protests from the left," - why frame it like that?

Other posts out there with titles like 'Commencement Bigots' etc. -making no distinction b/ween speakers being paid for their commencement speeches (Rice) and those not being paid; or explain how the schools pick speakers...
Maybe the higher ed graduation speakers circuit should just- END- as a tradition...
Maybe replace it by asking each member of the graduating class to post online their favorite speech that most embodies what they aspire to become etc.

Speakers sometimes use the commencement addresses they deliver as a notch on their CV belt or to vouch for them in some professional way afterward. Looks like more and more members of the higher ed community don't want to buy into that or serve as the admiring, fawning audience for that anymore without closer scrutiny... so maybe just... chuck it?!

The Fire has a post on it, but even the list of notable 'disinvites' there doesn't quite make clear which speakers are paid, not paid, those that are merely controversial, separating out those special cases that are mired in unresolved current 'issues' that directly impact higher ed environment.
Berkeley makes amends with military- reaches out to vets
The Pres of the UC Regents in a SF Chron post that includes "Dao Guv... Sh!t Happens" Jerry Brown on Bay Bridge: Don’t worry, be happy
The 2.2 mile span was completed years late and $5 billion over budget, and it needed a retrofit before it was open to the public. If the state can’t get a bridge right, why should Californians trust Sacramento with a 350-mile $68 billion High Speed Rail project?

Count me as faint of heart. It would be easier to trust Sacramento if I saw concerted effort to find out what went wrong. As I reported here, Sen. DeSaulnier asked whistle-blowing engineer Doug Coe if anyone from the governor’s office or someone higher than a project manager ever sought him out to find out what happened. Coe replied, “Nobody’s ever come to ask, and I find that fascinating.”

-- also see SF Chron w/this to understand the latest on the Bay Bridge

UC Berkeley tried to look at the problems, too.
and more here.
and Is it a crazy train?
and He talks the cakewalk gov election with the Sac Bee, too.
At the UC Regents meeting UCSA Rep told/joked with the Gov that he forgot UC funding in the May revise at the 01:28:00 here --and UCLA Fac Blog also noticed that, too.
Wonder if UCB BP will make a guest appearance in this HBO thing tonight? Can they explain it?

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