Monday, May 26, 2014

Reflecting on that 'War on Women' phrase on Memorial Day in light of UCSB Tragedy

--that 'war on women' where many innocent men have been harmed by it also-- still trying to put thoughts together about it... For now, there's:

see: Remaking the University has a post on the Isla Vista tragedy along with selected, categorized links on coverage.

Also: at Daily Mail a link to that 141 page manifesto thing and now talk thrown in of an early Asperger's diagnosis detailed here, and also this there. And, other theories related to gender identity etc. out there, too.

(Rodgers was not a UCSB student- some outlets still referring to him incorrectly as a UCSB student.)

There also is a planned march today in Isla Vista and other remembrance ceremonies listed here. and here.

Surreal, a multi-layered shock. It is going to take time. The hardest thing is to give healing: time.
A cliché - and true.

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