Thursday, May 8, 2014

Something New Under The Sun?

on this book- “Cheating: An Insider’s Report on the Use of Race in Admissions at UCLA,” by Professor Tim Groseclose, describes what the author insists are illegal admissions practices that he witnessed at UCLA.

And: Is he a whistleblower? Did he use the UC whistle blower program on this? If he did where does that stand in terms of developments? If he did not-- then why do news outlets use the term whistleblower in their headlines in situations where someone did not use the whistleblower program? In this piece the CPRA aspect comes up as well. Is it just a book? or a WB case at UCLA?

h/t: Conservative Publication Highlights Faculty Member's Criticism of UCLA Admissions

Inside Higher Ed covered it earlier- like 2008 earlier: Is 'Holistic' Admissions a Cover for Helping Black Applicants? - UPDATE: Interestingly, the link to the UCLA newsletter referencing alleged statements made by the Provost has been removed from the UCLA website- this is the link:

Folks don't talk much about the gender affirmative action aspect- ever.

BTW, since the above references conservative pubs... the impetus for this UC Berkeley program came from the media mogul—who served as president and chief operating officer of News Corp for more than a decade - News Corp...
Aiming To Be a Small World After All: Cal’s Plan to Shrink a Big, Impersonal Campus

on Berkeley Connect

and, Bob Jacobsen named interim dean of undergrad studies in L&S

dark matter- LZ
battle of evermore (not a great version- but great intro)

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