Sunday, May 25, 2014

"These students are among the best in the country and the loss of life is palpable," University of California system president Janet Napolitano told CNN.

Update AP HuffPo have posted a brief bio on all six of the victims here.

Daily Nexus confirms that the men in the apartment were all UCSB students as well, here:
"Santa Barbara City College student Elliot Rodger stabbed to death C. H., George Chen and Weihan Wang, all UCSB students from California, before he began his shooting spree across Isla Vista."

-- They were from the Fremont, San Jose area.
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many videos on many aspects here at CNN,

an interview conducted by Sara Sidner (former KTVU anchor and now CNN's usually international correspondent) with a student who was first on the scene is what stays in mind-- pictures of the candlelight vigil there, too.
Remembering the victims...

Trying to find a piece about all the victims ONLY - w/out photos of Rodgers- to link to here, but can't find one... the Daily Mail had some wonderful candid photos of them, but they also include photos of Rodgers.

Try Daily Nexus or later try Bottom Line for more coverage.

(Another thing that is difficult is: picking the labels for the posts on this coverage, holding off.)

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