Thursday, May 29, 2014

They Protested Against Napolitano At UC in DC, too?!

yep see UCSD Guardian: UC Washington Center Students Stage Protest Against President Napolitano

students claimed that since becoming president of the UC system, Napolitano has failed to both meet and initiate dialogue with students.

Protesters demanded that all future UC presidents be elected by both students and faculty. Additionally, they stipulated the individual must have an extensive and positive background in education, goals towards completely eliminating debt through full subsidization,, and roots and experience with communities in California and support for programs that serve underrepresented communities.

The demands also included restructuring of the process by which the UC system makes its decisions.


Their primary means of spreading word about this movement, which demands a more transparent administration and less privatization of the public UC system, has been through the Facebook event and Twitter trend, #doUCaccountability.

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