Thursday, May 29, 2014

UC Davis Third Campus Discussed By Chancellor, and Higher Ed in the Lt. Gov Race

see Modesto Bee: UC Davis chief outlines vision for ‘third campus’ in Sacramento area with focus on food, nutrition

“It’s a big vision,” Katehi said. “It’s going to materialize in phases.”

She said the University of California, Davis, will spend the next year trying to bring more clarity to the proposal, including the issue of funding.

“How much is it going to cost us, and who’s going to fund it?” she asked in an interview with The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board, where she made her first extensive public comments about the project since news about the World Food Center surfaced earlier this month.


KCRA: Newsom heavily favored in lieutenant governor race
Democratic incumbent facing four Republicans

California's lieutenant governor sits on the Board of Regents for the University of California and the Board of Trustees for the California State University system, comprised of 23 campuses.

And when it comes to education, students in both systems have been hit hard by tuition hikes.

They've also found it tough in many cases to get the classes they need to graduate on time.

Newsom said he wants to see more opportunities for students to go online for their education.

"We've been very pointed in moving in that direction, and working with Gov. Brown on the same and advancing some pilot projects," he said.

His priorities include "respecting faculty, respecting tradition, respecting the need for more education funding, which we've been advocating for."

But Nehring thinks California's colleges and universities need a different focus.

"We need to have an emphasis on vocational training so that people who are going to go into a trade have the ability to do that."

Fennell said that higher education must be adaptive to market forces.

"It needs to be geared a lot more towards what the work force wants," he said. "I think a lot of what we're seeing is a lot of students right now who are learning things that are outdated. So I think one of the things I would do is shine a light on the curriculum and make sure we're doing what fits the workforce."

Yang said his plan for education includes reducing costs.

"One of the things to do is to reduce some unnecessary positions, such as the provost for diversity and what have you," Yang said. "I don't think it actually adds to the educational quality of those schools."

Yang added he wants to engage students.

"They are adults. They are 18 years and older (we need) to engage them in the maintenance of their campuses. By doing that they will have a sense of ownership, and that way, we can reduce the costs to all students," Yang said.

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