Wednesday, May 14, 2014

UC Regents-- on that U Penn Study of the CA Master Plan, Transfer Students Admissions, more

Boycott Pennsylvania? Regent Pattiz made some jokes about Pennsylvania in his outrage/concern over the U Penn study on CA Master Plan..

Not sure if -Callan and Gavin- or who in Sacramento was in the mind of the Faculty Rep Jacobs in his statement to the UC Regents, where he slammed the U Penn CA Master Plan report and slammed certain groups in Sacto for buying into it- his comments begin at the 01:45:00 mark.

Did not see the Lt. Gov or new speaker at the meeting today. Did see Blum, Pattiz, Lozano and Sherman in Regents chairs - have they all been confirmed by the CA Senate?

No one mentioned that Napolitano was at U Penn to receive the Beacon award and did an extensive visit there in April- Napolitano also slammed the U Penn report in her opening remarks at the 01:28:15 mark.

So that UPenn study came up in a big way- you can see more on it in this previous post
Each UC Regents was instructed by the Chair to pull the name of two UC campuses from out of a hat in order to receive their assignment for campuses to visit. Chair Varner told the regents they could not trade their picks, then Napolitano also told them the same, then Varner could be heard asking Lozano what campus she picked- she said UCSF and he said he picked UCSC and he asked her if she wanted to trade-ha,ha- then he said he was going to be visiting all of campuses anyway...

Regent Keiffer tried to advance the notion that UC student newspapers do not cover UC Regent visits and so the visits UC Regents make to campuses go unnoticed like trees falling in a forest. What might be closer to the reality is that UC Regents attend VIP events at campuses from time to time but rarely interact with a variety of UC stakeholders when they do visit campuses- and so their visits are not viewed as something news worthy for the student newspapers... 'they drank the latest overpriced chardonnay and cheese, food spread and talked stocks with new and old business contacts' - or 'they sat down to dinner with the senior UC VP of admin bloat here, there, and everywhere'-- not exactly headline making.

At the 03:28:00 mark Keiffer also makes a motion for a review of the curriculum and preparedness of UC graduates- common skills and knowledge education- they will look at it as an agenda item in the September UC Regents meeting.
at the 2:00:00 mark Transfer students admissions to UC came up as a major item and the Governor interacted quite a bit at the 02:43:00 mark on that subject (regents Lansing and Island try to interact on the subject as well as Gould, Blum)

Transfer students presented as creating displacement of more qualified freshman... over and over.

Napolitano looked better able to handle the granular on the numbers of admits-- odd that long term UC Regents were less nimble at it.

you can watch the meeting for yourself in the video archive here. UC Regent Pattiz jokes on Pennsylvania start at the mark 03:31:50 - he notes that many of the UC Regent still need to read the University of Pennsylvania report on the CA Master plan.

Today's Public Comment at the meeting was wide ranging
-campus safety for students systemwide esp. re: title ix
-campus safety for employees - job descriptions not matching job duties complaints, a resultant employee death at UCB? and several thousand OSHA complaints since 2010?
-requests systemwide for divestment from fossil fuels
-the UCB Gill tract in Albany
-UCB satellite Richmond campus development town gown issues
-some UCSF officers also made a comment about retaliation, disability they experienced (could not figure out the issue/story they were referencing)
-tuition, current tuition, future tuition and middle class struggles to pay for it

The UC Regents will be floating in and out of open and closed session today and tomorrow, you can watch the archive here - they were in Sacramento yesterday unrecorded meetings with some CA legislators yesterday as well.

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