Saturday, May 3, 2014

UCD Aggie Trying To Get Back Up

see: UC Davis Student Newspaper Poised To Return To Print

“You have essentially a commercial paper that’s not paying its staff,” he said. “This newspaper becomes dependent on the whims of an outside group that’s not accountable to the university. These people are in the worst of all positions – they are volunteers of a for-profit company.”

It’s unclear whether student staff have the authority to negotiate a pact with an outside publisher. The Aggie operates as a unit of the Associated Students of UC Davis, which in turn is a department of the university.

“I’m allowed to do it because we’re an independent unit of ASUCD so you can make those financial decisions,” Orpina said, adding that she planned to get the “blessing” of university administrators anyway.

University officials were in the dark Friday about the impending deal, which Orpina said could come as early as this week. Printing could resume in the summer.

Asked about ownership of the Aggie, UC Davis spokesman Keith Sterling said, “That’s a legal question that’s very complicated.”

In an interview, Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi appeared to disagree, saying the paper in her mind was an “independent entity.”

UC Davis does not have a journalism major.
It is the campus closest to Sacramento- why doesn't it have a journalism major or J school? Would that be something folks would want to see? Signs it could be a good fit.
update- just want to point out on the links above
Katehi was asked to raise a Billion
The Aggie-the student newspaper needs a l'il -not billions-help
UCD does not have a journalism major or school

the UC Regents are doin' their special meeting in Sacramento again this year

and a history professor who won two Pulitzers is outta there.

SJ Merc on the weirdness: "There's a governor's race?" joked Thad Kousser, a UC San Diego associate professor and state politics expert.

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