Saturday, May 3, 2014

University of PINO

all over-and detailed out in this latest in Michigan- see: “We are probably blessed with the most talented administrators in the universe, but is it possible that these administrator’s talent has become three, four, five times as golden in the span of a decade?” Gaggio said.
Faculty denounce administrator salaries and AST in letter to Regents

Berkeley comes up in the mix - and UCLA, too.
and: The University of Michigan has become a PINO — public in name only — university and must reprioritize accessibility by addressing broader structural issues of race and class. If the University continues to prioritize the elite, then it is implicated in perpetuating larger systems of oppression and exclusion. This does not mean cosmetic fixes or more glossy brochures, but the reevaluation of the goals of this university and who it serves. It means affordable tuition, a nurturing and welcoming learning and working environment, more aggressive and creative recruitment and more fully-funded retention programs. The University cannot provide social innovation while maintaining the status quo.
and will this get as much play as that Nick Kristof piece?

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