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What's It All About, Gavin? Or- What's It All About, Callan?

CA Lt Gov and Ex Officio UC Regent Gavin Newsom at the Long Beach City College panel where he was joined by Patrick Callan... said the report is a warning, a code r-d, 'scared the hell out' of him. More coverage of that event here. "Quelle report?", you might ask...

Just to be really clear- the U Penn report with Callan here:U Penn :Press Release California’s Higher Education System: Too Big To Fail, But Failing Anyway?
The U Penn Executive Summary From Master Plan to Mediocrity: Higher Education Performance & Policy in California
The U Penn Full Report From Master Plan to Mediocrity: Higher Education Performance & Policy in California
and: Here is the report that Newsom wrote the forward to- released November 2013 with Callan posted at the Committee for Economic Development

hmm so
there's the Patrick Callan link to both reports
ties to Austin,TX via HEPI and San Jose/Silicon Valley via the other center
that's in mind tryin' to read the tea leaves...

Remember, Napolitano asked why another state was studying California Master Plan - that was odd but maybe just an off the cuff response.

It would be good to know the history on all of these organizations over a long haul because there's the possibility that others who are interested in these reports might give the reports short shrift -e.g. if they just notice that HEPI is tied to Texas -readers, or potential readers, might just discount the findings as just more 'TX vs CA' games (latest round= the Toyota story).

The researchers for the Penn study include Callan here- and Joni Finney also of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

FWIW--here's Callan's bio when he was at NYU- Steinhardt- it includes a reference to his stint at UC Berkeley.

And, here is how HEPI - is listed as "Texas Higher Education Policy Institute". The first line description makes it more confusing: "HEPI was founded at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in April 2007 with a $2.5 million grant from the Houston Endowment, Inc." and it does not include how?/if?/when? Callan was with that institute.

Are we just ending up with reports about CA master plan with different titles at higher ed research centers in different states - but the reports with the same conclusions and Callan connection, or not?

Univerity of Santa Clara alums Newsom and Napolitano should explain it to UC, Californians and respond to these reports --as in 'we are already addressing this issue' in blank way etc. point by point at a UC Regents meeting or something like that kind of shindig.
back to the LBCC thing: “It requires a new strategic thinking … as it refers to large institutions,” Newsom said. “Is this the model to meet the needs and demands of today?”
Panel moderator Patrick Callan, president of the Higher Education Policy Institute, started the discussion by adding that the last transformation of the California education system occurred shortly after World War II.
“The world has changed right out from under us,” he said.
One of the largest challenges, speakers said, was dealing with increasingly large demographic shifts. Newsom noted that 76% of incoming kindergarteners will be non-Caucasian. However, only 19% of the state’s Hispanics have attended post secondary education and only 11% have a bachelor’s degree despite being 56% of those kindergartners — this is an area that must improve, speakers said.

She noted that another challenge would be to continue to morph curriculum so that certificate holders and graduates don’t have a misalignment of skills.
“Industry doesn’t necessarily care if you have a degree or not,” she said, adding that business managers are more concerned with proper certified skillsets.
CSULB Interim Provost and Senior Vice President David Dowell said change was necessary or this generation’s children and grandchildren would see a decreased standard of living. He suggested that the state government needs to step in and really push for a set of higher education goals — with an emphasis on student outcomes.
“If you make the stakes high enough, we’re smart enough to do it,” he said.
Newsom, who wrote the introduction to the report, said he would continue to take it around the state and implore people to discuss needed changes, with the understanding that it would be a difficult, but necessary, process.
“No one wants to be the one that breaks it apart,” he said.

Neither one of us - wants to be the first to say...

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