Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CA Audit Report Findings On UC Berkeley and UCLA on Title IX, the handling of sexual harassment and sexual violence incidents, more.

HuffPo: California Auditor Finds Fault With Public Universities' Handling Of Sexual Assault

The Guardian California universities should do more to prevent sexual assault, audit says
An audit of five state universities was ordered after 32 female students filed a complaint alleging schools were mishandling cases

Associated Press Auditor: Campus' sexual assault efforts inadequate

Time Mag article on it : Report: California Colleges Must Do More to Combat Sexual Violence-A report from a state auditor says some California colleges aren't complying with the law

Sac Bee Auditor: Sexual violence training lacking at California universities

Daily Cal on the 'must do more': UC Berkeley and other campuses “must do more” to better respond to sexual assault, state auditor says
original post
see: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence:
Report 2013-124—California Universities Must Better Protect Students by Doing More to Prevent, Respond to, and Resolve Incidents

Full Report HERE

the brief summary is available here

it includes:

"Our audit of the handling of sexual harassment and sexual violence incidents at four California universities highlighted the following:

The universities do not ensure that all faculty and staff are sufficiently trained on responding to and reporting these incidents to appropriate officials.

Certain university employees who are likely to be the first point of contact are not sufficiently trained on responding to and reporting these incidents.

The universities must do more to properly educate students on sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Provide education to incoming students near the time they arrive on campus.

Provide all continuing students periodic refresher training at least annually.

Review and modify educational programs to comply with changes in laws and guidance.

The universities did not always comply with requirements in state law for distribution of relevant policies.

Thirty-five percent of the students who participated in a survey we conducted stated that they had experienced such incidents by another member of the campus community.

Twenty-two percent of the students who participated in our survey were not aware of resources available on campus should they or someone they know experience such incidents.

The universities need to better inform students who file a complaint of the status of the investigation and notify them of the eventual outcome."


"UC's Office of the President indicates that it will be working with all of the UC campuses to review and respond to the recommendations. UC Berkeley indicates that it agrees with the importance of certain areas discussed in the report and states that review, evaluation, and response to the specific recommendations in the report will be coordinated at the UC systemwide level. UCLA states that it understands the importance of appropriate communication and training and will seriously consider our recommendations as it reevaluates and updates its materials and procedures. We look forward to hearing more about the specific actions that the Office of the President, UC Berkeley, and UCLA plan to take to address our recommendations in their 60-day status reports."
UC's initial response from
Dirks on page 101 (3 page response)
Block on page 105 (1 page response)
Napolitano page 97 (interesting/telling...the UCOP folks she decided to cc in her letter)

- they complain of a potential lack of flexibility in the CA auditor's recommendations
- and they also don't want to concede that the Donahoe Higher Education Act applies to the University of California (in the same way as other colleges and universities in CA in certain instances. Donahoe Act is the same as the Master Plan.)
and the State Auditor responds to them on page 107

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