Monday, June 30, 2014

CA Joint Leg. Oversight Hearing on Sexual Assault on College Campuses

In depth discussion of the audit review that included UCLA and UC Berkeley on Title IX compliance- interestingly UCLA did not have a panelist participate.

Today AM Alert: Campus sexual assault in spotlight at hearing
noted in Sac Bee earlier.
Also see latest CA Senate leg on CA higher education here

Video from today's meeting:

First Panel
Caitlin Quinn, ASUC external affairs vice president (note her comments on a VC interaction at the 13:00)
Taylor Herren, Chico State student body president

Second Panel
California State Auditor Elaine Howle (she gives a comprehensive overview at the 42:00 mark)
Keasara Williams, Equal Rights Advocates Staff Attorney

Third Panel
David Lane, UCOP Deputy Chief Compliance Officer he begins at the 1:15:00
Linda Williams, UC Berkeley Associate Chancellor
Dawn Theodora, CSU general counsel
and others from University of the Pacific and Butte College.

FERPA as an excuse for why students don't receive communication, notification from adminstration and Donahoe Higher Ed Act and UC's position on it also come up in the panel Q & A as well.

Daily Cal now has coverage of this hearing - and now Dirks/California Hall wants to hold a national conference at UC Berkeley on it. Is that the gesture that is most needed right now? Is a 'national conference' an attempt at self-aggrandizing for UC admin- or helpful?

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