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early sunday round up

HuffPo: UCLA Professor Ordered To Perform Community Service In Fatal Lab Fire

Settlement Announced in Patrick Harran Criminal Case

Sangji’s family isn’t happy with the settlement. “Our family has been devastated by the loss of a daughter and a sister,” they said in a statement.“We are extremely disappointed that the Los Angeles District Attorney chose to settle this case rather than pursue a trial and seek justice for Sheri. … We do not understand how this man is allowed to continue running a laboratory, and supervising students and researchers.”

KTLA: UCLA Professor Agrees to Settlement With Prosecutors After Explosion That Killed Researcher

She was accepted and on her way to attend Berkeley Law/ Boalt after her summer job at UCLA. Two full scholarships have now been set up at Boalt in her name-- as part of the UC Regents agreement for their part, see DC archive: Criminal case settled with UC regents over UCLA lab fire

Daily Bruin with more background in this archive story:
Reed said there is no evidence to support the district attorney’s assertion that the university and Harran intentionally violated rules, knowing that something harmful could happen.

“The D.A. cannot win,” Reed said.

Remember Napolitano on Title IX a couple weeks ago in that Krasny KQED interview - late May 2014? audio here at the 14:00 mark:
to paraphrase her interest in: 'Making sure that local police depts are trained to receive complaints and that local attorneys/DAs are trained and prepared to prosecute such cases' -listen to that section and see how it sounds...

(Isn't that for Kamala to do, speak to? It feels like two Govs, two AGs in CA at times in Napolitano interviews...Shouldn't there be some appearance of separation b/ween CA and UC interests?- in order for the larger CA community to believe there is objective CA oversight of UC?

Napolitano is now an advocate for UC - not in the other roles she has previously held and also UC Pres., so....
Is it appropriate to make it seem like the interests are paired?)
The CA State Auditor Higher Ed Report on UCB and UCLA scheduled to come out next Tuesday - they posted "2013-124 - Postsecondary Higher Education—Sexual Harassment Est. Release Date: June 24, 2014

UCOP tries to go defensive early, but they're already too late no matter what the latest report might say:

LAT: UC creates task force to oversee efforts to prevent sexual assault

SF Chron: Napolitano creates panel to deal with campus sexual violence

CBS Local : UC President Napolitano To Form Campus-Wide Sexual Violence Prevention Taskforce

There is this Title IX blog post that talks about update to Clery Act Expansion-explanation and points to this IHE piece: Changes to Campus Safety Rules
and there is this CHE story on Colleges Face New Requirements - they all highlight that the public comment feedback session remains open to all through late July.
Remember UCLA returned the Sterling Research donation and admonished the PR ads they said he placed and- they esp. wanted everyone to know- that UCLA didn't place? Could there be a conflict of interest issue raised in this latest: cuz,- now they call him incompetent, too?! - and more harsh words ensue - see UCLA Fac Blog with it.

and there's also an important blog title there on the Title IX facet no one wants to address.
but: is that blog post title based around a term as it relates to just the APM or something larger than the Academic Personnel Manual (APM)? ...
-and therein lies a major part of the prob with how to address this issue.
University Diaries post "Why do people hate professors?"
A&E network did a one hour special on IV, UCSB tragedy- it did not delve into new info and- at times felt gratuitous(?) - but UCLA psych faculty were interviewed about Rodger, and some at UCSB were interviewed as well to give their victim accounts. Decision to watch -subjective- but it's out there.

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