Sunday, June 8, 2014

Emblematic UC: "“The university wants to build big telescopes but doesn’t have any clue about how to invest in the infrastructure that would make them a success.”

is it favoritism of certain research/ers over others?, or, just the lack of funding?
NYT : A Star-Gazing Palace’s Hazy Future

In February, nine members of the California congressional delegation wrote to the university’s president, the former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, urging her to reconsider. A Save Lick Observatory campaign, led by Dr. Filippenko, is trying to raise money and plead the observatory’s case.

In response, Ms. Napolitano wrote that the university did not plan to close Lick “at this time.” A new budget adopted this spring included money for a part-time “development officer” on the Santa Cruz campus to raise outside money for the observatory. But it is not clear what will happen if not enough is raised.

“We sit across the table from these people and don’t get an answer,” Dr. Faber said.

In some ways, Lick’s situation is emblematic of research institutions’ struggle to balance
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KESQ: UC Irvine Law gains accreditation
The early chapters of what reads like a never-ending-NCAA-churn happening close to Cal, UCOP.
CBS Sports details it out - Ed O'Bannon vs. NCAA: A cheat sheet for college sports on trial
UCLA Faculty Blog with more on Olian's realization that the numbers on gender equity haven't looked so good for a loooooonnnngggggg while. She's discovered it's deeply personal...ugh.
Remaking the University latest links posted on the right hand column here-- includes this piece
University Diaries covers it further- as only she can

Minding the Workplace on The Duh
Pres of the UC Regents raking it in - but where will it go?
all of it - so very... 'emblematic'

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