Sunday, June 15, 2014

follow up on the $10 mil WB...

UCLA $ 10 million dollar whistleblower fallout - a letter to the Governor and AG includes asking them
"to determine

(1) If the taxpayers were bilked because UC hospitals lost funding that was destined to them, but instead payouts from medical companies was diverted to doctors personal accounts;
(2) Whether it is appropriate for a public institution to ever take private funds and conduct research based upon financial gain, or if the practice should be prohibited;
(3) When patients should be told that a doctor or the hospital receives funding from a device or drug manufacturer; and
(4) Whether oversight of UC financial relationships with drug and medical device manufacturers should be taken out of the hands of hospital administrators and given to an independent monitor with no financial interest."

“California’s public university hospitals are allowed to set their own conflict of interest policies. For instance, UCSF, which has the strongest transparency requirements in the UC system, prohibits faculty members conducting research on behalf of a company from having a personal financial relationship with that company. Other institutions within the UC system, including UCLA, have policies that are far less protective. Shouldn’t all public university hospitals have the same protections against conflicts of interest? The findings of your investigation can help determine this.”

you can read the full letter here.

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