Thursday, June 5, 2014

“It shows just how little survivors factor into colleges' calculus at all,” she said. “Nowhere in the entire presentation are victims' needs considered, let alone mentioned.” Bolger added that the presentation's “sole focus on mitigating ‘reputational harm’ and ‘public relations risks’ ” shows that “it couldn't be clearer where schools' real commitments lie: in reducing the risk of harm to the university, not to their students.”

see IHE: The Presentation Withheld From a Senator
In requesting the presentation earlier this month, McCaskill said she was “extremely troubled” by the webinar and said it may have had a chilling effect on whether and how colleges respond to the survey.
Sarah Feldman, a McCaskill spokeswoman, suggested on Tuesday that the presentation validated some of those concerns.
"Based on the message ACE is conveying in this presentation -- that participating in a confidential survey, meant to learn how schools handle sexual assault on campus, would somehow be exposing institutions to the 'wild west' of politics -- it's not surprising that some schools felt they were being warned against cooperating,” she said. “We'd certainly hope moving forward that ACE will be more willing to work productively with us and its member institutions to help combat sexual assault on our college campuses.”
Dana Bolger, co-founder of the advocacy group Know Your IX that been pushing the federal government to hold colleges more accountable for sexual assaults on their campuses, said the ACE presentation was “upsetting.”
SF Chron: Accreditation panel tells Pelosi deadline for CCSF is firm
Speier took it further and called for the U.S. Department of Education to shut down the commission. "They're a rogue operation," Speier told The Chronicle. "They have dug in their heels like some totalitarian regime. I think the time has come for the secretary of education to dismantle them."
SF Chron on Newsom: The low point was probably when he marched into Brown's office (and this is so Newsom) with an idea for "an executive order to create an interagency council on the homeless." Newsom thought it would be perfect; he could muck around in policy, stay out of Brown's way and still keep a strong public profile.

Just pipe down
The response? Why don't you just pipe down and focus on California universities and the Land Use Commission like the lieutenant governor is supposed to?

Why did 287,000-plus Californians vote for Leland Yee?

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