Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ivory Tower Documentary Buzz , HBCUs series, more

and in theaters now ...Ivory Tower - Andrew Rossi's sobering film zeroes in on multiple causes of drastically rising college tuition.
"the documentary usefully opens up a discussion that must be joined by citizens in and outside of academia. More festival showings and pre-broadcast theatrical exposure lie ahead."

Info, the trailer and where to view it and requests for a showing info here at the documentary's site - Along with a Petition to Congress posted there..
The description of it:
'an urgent portrait of a great American institution at the breaking point.'
Hollywood Reporter Review from Jan Sundance film festival.

and this Variety piece on it in March

June 13
Los Angeles, CA
Landmark Theatres

New York City, NY
Angelika Film Center
June 16
Sacramento, CA
Crest Theater (One night only)
June 20
Cambridge, MA
Kendall Square Cinema

Washington, DC
Landmark E Street Cinema

San Francisco, CA
Landmark Theatres: Embarcadero Center Cinema

Berkeley, CA
Landmark Theatres: Shattuck Cinemas
June 27
St. Louis, MO
LLandmark Theatres: Tivoli Theatre

Chicago, IL
Landmark Theatres: Century Centre Cinema

Dallas, TX
Landmark Theatres: The Magnolia

Denver, CO
Landmark Theatres: Mayan Theatre

Atlanta, GA
Landmark Midtown Art Cinema

Seattle, WA
Landmark Seven Gables


July 4
Phoenix, AZ
Harkins Theatres Camelview 5

Minneapolis, MN
Landmark Edina 4 Theatre


The documentary above includes coverage of an HBCU-- Spelman. Much of the press on what is happening with higher ed centers around the fact that high numbers of minority students are caught up in the online- but coverage frequently fails to talk about what is happening with HBCUs. Craig Melvin of MSNBC has been taking a closer look at HBCUs in a series of pieces here - (recall also Yudof and UCB worked on developing some collaborations with HBCUs):



and, he also did a piece on campus safety rankings here
Lots of excitement on POTUS at UC Irvine commencement next Saturday-- he will be issuing an executive order on Monday, see: Obama To Issue Executive Action Easing Student Loan Debt Pressures

Faced with a Republican majority in the House of Representatives that makes legislation out of reach for most of his policy proposals, Obama has turned to issuing executive orders to accomplish his agenda.

Senate Democrats have proposed legislation that would allow millions of Americans to refinance both federal and private undergraduate student loans at lower interest rates.

The bill is unlikely to overcome the opposition of Republicans, who say the measure would come at too high a cost for the government.

More broadly, the administration is looking for ways to stimulate faster economic growth without relying on legislation.

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