Sunday, June 15, 2014

Napolitano on IV aftermath, fixes- and on Title IX, Tuition, Admissions

from May 29th if you missed it--
In the discussion:

-her moves on behalf of UC on Title IX at the 15:00 mark

-course delivery reducing costs- ie "online" -at the 21:30 mark

-entrepreneurial UC taking equity from UC research and 'a document' she says she recently signed eliminating 'that barrier' at the 22:20 mark

-at the 24:25 mark a question about 'professors emeriti receiving 100% of their annual salary in retirement' question asked, and there is a not so clear response to it

-- she also talks about the 'low to zero' numbers on applications and admissions to UC medical schools for certain minority groups

--and she gives her account of her speech at Laney College (in the comments there some who attended don't recount it the same way) and Krasny mentions that apparently there was a potential protest against her speaking at Hastings- something briefly mentioned - (can't find any news coverage of that at Hastings during that week, but there was a ton of other UC news going on at that time...)

You can listen to the KQED interview with Krasny in full by pressing play button below- or, here at this link- it runs 28 minutes:

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