Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Napolitano On LGBT at UC, TA Strike Update, and State of the Public University..

Remaking the University: Towards A New Community of Scholars on "the serious probability that the public university as we know it is dead"
UC TAs Settle Contract, Call Off Strike?! But: their site's home page does not list this latest development.

on FB it includes:
The bargaining team has reached a settlement with management. Some key achievements:
1. A 17% pay increase over 4 years
2. Professional opportunities for undocumented graduate students
3. Graduate students will now have a voice in setting class sizes.
4. Increased maternity/paternity leave (6 weeks)
5. Increased childcare subsidy ($900/quarter until the child is 12)
6. Gender-neutral bathrooms & lactation stations (upon request)
7. Increased personal leave time
UC President Napolitano to create LGBT advisory group

The task force made these other recommendations:

Allowing voluntary collection of data on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression for students, faculty and staff.

Adjusting student record systems to enable students to self-identify with a preferred name.
Developing and implementing a systemwide gender-inclusive restroom policy.

Convening a subcommittee on bisexual community issues.

Establishing an LGBT resource center at UC Merced and having each campus dedicate funding for an LGBT cultural competency specialist who provides awareness training to students, faculty and staff.

Having each campus dedicate funding and infrastructure to support hiring a full-time counselor to provide psychological, education and prevention services to LGBT students.

Enhancing academic initiatives on gender and sexuality.

Implementing a tax equalization program for employees in domestic partnerships who receive health benefits through UC’s health and wellness plans.

and Advocate includes this:
The implementation of these suggestions could result in radically inclusive changes. The UC system has 10 campuses across the state, with a combined student body of more than 230,000, including a vibrant LGBT community.

The goal of these changes is to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBT students, faculty, and staff of the entire University of California school system, according to Tuesday's announcement. That announcement did not include a specific timeline to implement the changes, but rather noted that Napolitano "will review the recommendations and respond at a future date."

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