Monday, June 16, 2014

Nostalgia and Springfield

NBC News Is College Worth It? New Documentary Weighs Costs of Higher Ed, includes:

“Ivory Tower” discusses lots of solutions, but the underlying message is that the government needs to invest more money in public education like it did with the Higher Education Act of 1965. Is this still possible? In the film, California governor Jerry Brown seemed to think it was a lost cause, which is why he pursued MOOCs as public policy.

Student activists have a real voice and they’re trying to directly reach politicians. In the film, you see students marching on the state house in Sacramento, California. You see students marching at the headquarters of Sallie Mae. There are groups like Higher Ed, Not Debt that are active on social media and are gaining a large following. And I think they hope to push this issue beyond the campus walls and to state and federal government.

Brown and former UC Regent William Roth covered in depth in Roth's obituary here at the NYT: William M. Roth, Shipping Heir Who Became Lifelong Public Servant, Dies at 97

In a long lifetime of public service, he served as a regent of the University of California for 16 years; sparred with the state’s governor, Ronald Reagan; briefly ran for governor himself;

Mr. Roth remained active as a regent of the University of California. He spoke in support of students demonstrating for “free speech” and against the Vietnam War. Edwin W. Pauley, an outspoken conservative regent, denounced Mr. Roth as “ultra-liberal.”

Mr. Roth stayed on after Reagan became governor in 1967 and appointed conservative regents, who dismissed Clark Kerr, the university’s president, whom Mr. Roth had supported. Mr. Roth opposed Reagan’s education ideas as “high simplicity” and in 1974, as Reagan was preparing to leave office, Mr. Roth deliberately showed up late so he would not have to vote on a resolution praising the governor.

In his own race for governor, in 1974, Mr. Roth placed fourth in a crowded Democratic primary with 10 percent of the vote. The winner, Jerry Brown, served as governor until 1983 and was again elected to the post in 2010.

In San Francisco, where he lived for many years, Mr. Roth led planning and education advocacy groups and was so generous to philanthropic causes that Herb Caen, the Chronicle columnist, called him “saintly.”

Herb Caen ...
LAT Obama's address at UC Irvine sparks memories of another time

As he listens to President Obama speak to the 2014 UC Irvine graduating class during a commencement celebration today at Angel Stadium, James McGaugh said he’ll be reflecting on an academic rite of passage held 50 years ago in “similarly engaging times.”

McGaugh, 82, a professor of neurobiology at UC Irvine, was among those who turned out to watch President Lyndon B. Johnson dedicate the campus on June 20, 1964 in a ceremony attended by about 12,000 people in a makeshift stadium surrounded by undeveloped hills.

Other outlets remembered MLK and Springfield exactly fifty years ago, see The Atlantic article here

You can listen to the full commencement speech or read it here.

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