Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dirks Interview w/ THE While On Summer Travel with a VC...

listen here: Dirks to THE on UC Berkeley and UCSB - from June 13
-on Gov . Jerry Brown and his tuition rate forty years ago
-on 'gentleman's agreements with Stanford' on raising billions
- on seeing the major recent protests (OccupyCal etc.) as (merely?) a response to the major tuition hikes at the time
-on Columbia again
He also believes the CA State Auditor report found:

"I also am encouraged by the reviewers' positive conclusion on two key areas: the manner in which the UC Berkeley campus resolves complaints of sexual harassment or sexual violence, and the manner in which we sanction those found culpable. These areas have been the subject of extensive debate and discussion, and criticism by some students. I hope the report's findings will allow all of us who are concerned about and involved in these issues to proceed with reforms based on the facts presented by this objective and independent review."

Is that how you read it?

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