Friday, June 27, 2014

Pow and Wow?

Sac Bee on another audit report that came out this week on the CCCs: Audit Slams Community College Accreditation Process
includes this:
The accrediting commission wrote a scathing response to the audit, calling it "factually inaccurate" and "incomplete."

"ACCJC recognizes that the Auditor and her assigned team members do not have the expertise to conduct an audit of the type that was undertaken in this instance," the commission wrote in a letter included with the report. "Audit standards require auditors to have independence and technical competence."

Also Sac Bee has: California School Bond Measure Advances
"Obviously it's not going to be put on the ballot without a dollar amount," Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, D-Alamo, the author of AB 2235, told the Senate Governance and Finance Committee on Wednesday. "Ultimately, just like with all bonds, we're going to have to have that big pow-wow where everyone comes to an agreement."

Voters have approved about $35 billion in school-construction and modernization bonds since 1998, most recently in 2006, when voters passed $10.4 billion in Proposition 1D. But the pot of construction money set aside for K-12 schools was tapped out about two years ago, and higher education has been without new construction money for even longer.

The State Allocation Board, which oversees the state's school construction and modernization programs, estimated earlier this year that California needs as much as $12 billion in additional school-building money and almost $5 billion in modernization money.

Some UC students also had add'l audit feedback to Daily Cal on the UC audit report this week: “I am happy that the audit did happen, and it sheds some light on what happens on campus,” Stenson said. “But it almost feels like someone from the university co-wrote the audit.”

NBC Bay Area on: Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill to Streamline Teacher Firings

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