Monday, June 16, 2014

Starbucks and ASU. An Elevator Pitch for something maybe called Unizin?

this is all over today's news- is this package the 'way of the future': Starbucks, ASU Team Up For Employee Education Program

Why Unizin is a Threat to edX

Suppose somebody came to you and said, “For the same cost of an edX membership, I can get you a vastly more mature platform for MOOCs, which also happens to be the sexy new LMS that your faculty are bugging you to let them use for their more traditional courses, and a coalition that can build a brand to rival edX while still being run by your peers and not some icky VCs. I also can offer you a much grander vision of bigger benefits, but even if you don’t believe that vision will come to pass, you can think of getting the chance to be in on the ground floor as a free bonus.”
What to make of it all?

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