Monday, June 2, 2014

UC Student Newspapers Reportage and Funding, more

The Daily Cal has an op ed on The Bottom Line and Daily Nexus coverage of the UCSB Isla Vista tragedy:
Failure to report: UCSB

Is the real issue the source of and amount of funding for the student newspapers?
Is the reportage affected by the funding?
Is the lack of reporting affecting the funding?

Prior post with some background.

(This can't just be about the poorer campus= the poorer student newspaper can it? Remember The Aggie troubles throughout the year, yet UCD is planning a third campus build, has billion+ donor campaigns etc.)

Could this also be about the absence of Journalism Schools on UC campuses? UC Davis and UCSB both do NOT have graduate level J- Schools.
UCLA Fac Blog: on some #YesAllWomen concerns over behavior at UCLA's B- School
UC and Transfers in The Atlantic:
But other measures were more troubling. The analysis found that one-fourth of all community-college transfers into the UC system came from just seven campuses, with Santa Monica College leading the list (with 783 transfers). Half of the transfers came from just 19 of the state's 112 community colleges—many of them located in affluent areas like Cupertino, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, and San Diego.
Remaking the University: UCSB Students Confront the Isla Vista Murders

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