Monday, June 30, 2014

UCLA MBA Converted to Private Status? What Does Self Supporting Really Mean? Tuition Increases Coming?

and a round up.
First see Inside Higher Ed: Public to Private MBA at UCLA

Other departments at UCLA are watching to see if the model proves to be a better one and could soon follow, said the head of the university’s Academic Senate, Janice Reiff.
“Self-supporting programs are something a lot of different departments are looking at because of a variety of different reasons,” she said.


Internal reviewers continued to express concern, however, particularly about the prices Anderson School officials plan to charge students in the future.
The deal signed last week by Anderson School Dean Judy Olian pledged, “The full-time M.B.A. program will continue to ensure that financial aid is offered at levels at least commensurate with current levels, and with levels at other UC fulltime State-supported M.B.A. programs.”
A tuition increase may already be in the cards.

and UCLA Fac Blog's Cal Policy Issues in the piece here, too:
Internally, faculty – if only a minority – continue to have doubts, said Daniel J.B. Mitchell, a professor emeritus from the Anderson School.
He said they worry the business plan won’t work, even if it does bring in more money and more student fees. “It’s not pure gravy because if you’re charging students a lot more, they tend to expect a lot more in terms of services,” Mitchell said.

--also keep in mind Anderson also has had a shocking number of other headlines this year related to the status of women, travel and entertainment reimbursement questions, and campus climate the move to privatize going to allow the school to avoid dealing with those issues?
UC President Janet Napolitano And Air Resources Board Chairman Mary Nichols To Speak At July 1st State Board Meeting Focusing on Cap-and-Trade Program

The California State Board of Food and Agriculture will hear about a new University of California initiative concerning food, and focus on the state’s Cap-and-Trade Program and other environmental market opportunities for farmers and ranchers at its meeting on Tuesday, July 1st in Sacramento. This meeting will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the California Department of Food and Agriculture, 1220 ‘N’ Street – Main Auditorium, Sacramento, CA 95814.

UC President Janet Napolitano will provide an overview of a new initiative in collaboration with the university's 10 campuses, three national laboratories, and UC's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


the spin UC has created on peer to peer may have long term effects of making UC look out of touch? see: The Economist

and how it might affect 'UC Alumni relations ' covered here -and UC alumni branding- since everyone is supposed to be so concerned with branding, too.
did Granholm and Napolitano come to UC to springboard off of it into CA Gov etc?- a bunch of articles/posts with that spin cropping up... - SF Chron's post is a friendlier version of the stuff out there.

MLive on the Granholm stuff too
on being Gov (and President of the UC Regents)...
Sac Bee: Scientists sue Jerry Brown over travel and meal money

and Jerry Brown's near-miss at BIO
But Brown's BIO trip came up short — about 200 yards short, in fact. That's roughly the distance between the big hall, where Brown led a cheer for California ahead of a speech by Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the California pavilion on the BIO exhibit floor, which Brown never reached. It was the difference between a general speech to hundreds of people (one person told me later that Brown could have been singing the praises of shoemakers as much as biotechs) and actually meeting the leaders of some of California's biotech companies.

if he does not need all that election money he has for his Gov campaign- since he has a comfortable lead- where will it go?
and there's this out there: The Privatization of Public Education? California Teachers Take Another Hit from Politicians
UC Merced buying land -- potential office space for staff.

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