Monday, June 16, 2014

Viewpoint on UC "Tenure system creates dichotomy between professors and mere lecturers"

see Tenure System Creates Dichotomy Between Professors and Mere Lecturers
it starts off like this:
UC Berkeley, along with many other universities and community colleges, operates on a two-tiered faculty system. Tenured and tenure-track faculty have regular positions with benefits and protections for academic freedom. They are mostly white men. All other faculty, who constitute more than half of the teaching positions, operate without job security and benefits — and tend to be women. One has only to look at the hiring notices for academic positions at UC Berkeley to see that they are almost exclusively hiring lecturers, who are temporary teachers with no benefits and single-term appointments. The university does this to get professors on the cheap, in the same way big corporations avoid providing professional pay and benefits to their workers.
read it in full here
Night or Day, Hailstorm or Sunshine, Dread or Hope--take your pick on how you see it, CA's new budget: California Lawmakers Approve $156 Billion Budget
A plan to gradually fill the $74 billion funding gap in California’s teacher retirement plan, known as CalSTRS. The state, school districts, and teachers will all increase the amount of money they pay into the pension plan, though districts will do so at a more gradual rate than Brown initially proposed last month. The new formula will generate an additional $276 million for teacher retirement funds this year. That annual total will increase each year, topping $1.4 billion next year and eventually growing to more than $5 billion in 2020.

They also have on K-12 side:
Teacher Tenure Laws in State Unconstitutional, Judge Rules

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