Wednesday, July 23, 2014


LA Times: "The governor is planning to attend a series of meetings with Mexican government officials during his trip, including signing agreements involving climate change and higher education."

Fresno Bee: UC Merced provost, engineering professor named to new climate council- UC Merced Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Tom Peterson and founding faculty member professor Roger Bales have been named members of UC President Janet Napolitano’s new Global Climate Leadership Council.
Imperial Valley News: Global food safety agreement signed by China and UC Davis

The memorandum of agreement, which will extend over the next five years, calls for the center’s two lead universities to form a joint research team and research platform, carry out collaborative research projects and cooperate on other food safety-related projects. UC Davis’ World Food Center will identify a director to coordinate the research program. The Chinese partners will provide substantial funding for the new center, with details to be announced this fall.

“This is clear evidence that the entire UC system is fully committed to be front and center on the critical issues of food security, sustainability and health,” said UC President Janet Napolitano. She recently launched the UC Global Food Initiative as a systemwide collaboration to put the world on a path to feed itself nutritiously and sustainably.

Science and politics: Hello, Governor
When California's governor enlisted the aid of two palaeoecologists, their careers took an unusual turn.

“You can have all the consensus statements in the world, but what makes them effective is when somebody in a policy-making position actually uses them,” he says.
UC enrolling more new students from other states and nations

and this also,
Percentage of out-of-state UC students to rise again
The Gov's former GF had a birthday last week, so here she is singing:

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