Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"I just think it's an odd thing for universities to be in the position of arguing for less transparency,"

Colleges Don't Like The Idea Of More Sexual Assault Laws

the quote for the post comes from this piece:
Colleges Push Back On Surveys That Could Shed New Light On Sexual Assault


Title IX blog has a post on it, too

UPDATE: and this:some CA Dems try to play catch up on addressing the issue- it includes reference to a letter from Napolitano on behalf of UC

LA Times also on it: Federal bills would crack down on college sexual assault

and: here is a link to Napolitano's letter to Boxer
and on another topic - Hoops...
a couple months ago a Bruin wrote about Millions ($180 million) in renovations on UCLA hoops

By all account UCLA's renovation of Pauley Pavilion under Dan Guerrero was a complete clusteryouknowwhat. Guerrero and his cronies justified spending somewhere around $140 million to put up glass around a stale-looking multi-purpose gym with terrible sightlines.

But Guerrero isn't done. Today his keystone cops Morgan Center out a press release looking for more money - as in $40 million to build a private practice court

Yesterday, Millions of gallons of water drenched UCLA hoops and much more

How's it gonna turn out? Will those private practice courts now come with the repairs? Who knows...

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