Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More UC Path Flashbacks, more

Still puzzling over (see: this and: this if you haven't yet):'the campuses didn't know'? , 'it wasn't communicated fully' explanations.

At CSU they have: this archive of the program for a July 2013 Shared Services UC sponsored Statewide Conference at UC Irvine
including "UCPath Center - Implementation Phase: Updates from the “Trailblazers”

- so, how could it be a surprise to the campuses?

Did events like that occur without outreach to campuses on the project?

Is this about campuses' obstructionist behavior, or what?
Here is a quick list of some of the communications on UC Path at the campuses
UCLA Communications on it in May 2012

UC Merced on it

UCR on it

UCSB on it

UC Berkeley on it

UCSD on it

UC Davis on it

it was linked up to Working Smarter groups, too and they sent this to all campuses.

The campus links above have docs that seem to go back to the early discussions on it.

The press were told but hardly covered it and Chancellor White made comments to the press as well when it was announced.

Even looks like University of Texas was able to keep up with its roll-out as well.

In 'notes, not quotes & scribbles' on UC Regents meetings' UC Path came up:

-in Jan 2013 the regents mentioned UC Path concerns over delays - but no formal action item, presentation/report/update

-in March 2013 UC Regents discussed UC Path concerns again - but no formal action item, presentation/report/update
and mentioned in May 2014 but none of the regents probed

The UC Path expenses have completely fallen from the radar-- Brostrom mentioned in passing in finance committee last week that UC Path is now scheduled to roll out in January 2015- it was originally scheduled to roll out in July 2013. Costs? Delay costs? No one asked. Not on the radar....

Peter Taylor and Regent Zettel already attended the launch and open house for UC Path at UCR - they did photo ops on it- but it will not launch until Jan 2015?

more May 2014
UC Path

Brostrom also mentioned that UC Path will not launch until Jan 2015-it was supposed to launch July 2013- there was a 6% contingency for cost overrun on the project... Regent Zettel did photo op in front of a building with employees for UC Path launch... but it hasn't launched yet?

in April 2013 there was this:
(that UCOP's Peter Taylor told UC Regents meeting he is fine with being behind schedule- and, of course, if he is okay with it coming in late and maybe over budget-well, that's all that matters right? (Update: here is the video of Taylor on UC Path at UC Regents meeting here "as long as it is done right"...) and here is discussion of it from Jan WSJ on the latest:

University of California Selects Infor Enwisen HR Service Delivery to Support UCPath Center Project

and in March 2014 still wondering what's up:
LAT: UC financial chief leaving to head up educational foundation

(did he ever make that UC PATH presentation -on how its goin'- to the UC Regents? in closed session?)

wished for Taylor to talk about UC Path in his exit interview w/ the Daily Bruin, too.
In today's articles there's this at CHE Dirks on "What Ivory Tower Gets Wrong" -Is his view that admin bloat is merely a result of more regulation?
One way to put it: dark matter growing under Berkeley Lab management - LZ...

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