Sunday, July 6, 2014

pols and higher ed mini roundup

WaPo: Hillary Clinton says her college speaking fees went to the Clinton Foundation
..."So it goes from a foundation at a university to another foundation,”

-cuz higher ed can afford that?

and IHE continues the "$200,000 is believed to be standard"

(for those just coming to this as a new item - HRC received $300,000 for a speech at UCLA, and Bill Clinton received $250,000 for another separate speech at UCLA. There's also the Bill Clinton talk at NYU-Abu Dhabi campus and the possible foundations donations swapping in that and-- 'saving lives'-'taking lives' regarding perilous construction and workers calculus/justifications to consider, too -see: video at this link to understand better. Did he do that speech while she was Sec of State? Dunno, he made the speech May 2014, she resigned in 2013.)
this is an interesting story on public records requests, regents and impeachment, and higher ed in an often touted 'one party run state' like CA: University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall Jr. Becomes a Lightning Rod
Texas Lawmakers Move to Impeach Board Member Over Push for Documents

Napolitano on her old job, still- via Bloomberg: Top officials from both parties say this crazy quilt arrangement not only is a wasted opportunity for constructive criticism and direction but is also counterproductive, draining time and energy.

"I testified some fifty-five times," recalls Janet Napolitano,

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