Monday, July 21, 2014

royalties and merits -or new communities of ... everything

see: Salon: “All of my colleagues — composers and arrangers — are seeing huge cuts in their earnings,” says Paul Chihara, a veteran composer who until recently headed UCLA’s film-music program. “In effect, we’re not getting royalties. It’s almost amusing some of the royalty checks I get.”
and Daily Cal w/ several:
In Search of Greener Fields: Budget Cuts To Campus Grounds Operation Prompt Understaffing

-a glade should be a glade
and this op ed seems to be more about the kind sentiment of 'pay the folks who directly interact with us more' instead of a more comprehensive piece that directly reviews the numbers and the trends in admin compensation or admin bloat in certain areas.
and on hiring to cover/wish/excuse away the title ix scandals:
woe unto the person who takes this on for : "The position pays between $52,500 and $80,300" - it reads like 'no power and all the heartburn/ache'

“There is a huge burnout risk for advocates, and if the advocate is unavailable for any reason, a backup advocate needs to be in place,”
is this going to be seen as reverse (daresay that term anti-Am...) discrimination?:
UC Officials Reviewing Policy Preventing Discrimination Against Researchers

Update I: One more thing to note about the UC Regents UC Path presentation -- the brief mention by the project managers of the uphill effort to hire many subject matter experts in the UC Riverside vicinity- which they described as a challenge- just want to point out here that that issue was raised upon the announcement of the location UCR --but they are just now bringing it to UC Regents attention at their meeting.

Update II: another post on UC Path here: University of California’s $220 million payroll project reboot

the hints of power plays in that UC Path Presentation...
The "boutique transactions" mentioned at UC Regents' UC Path presentation -the 'stuff' UC Path wants to rein in...maybe boring, but maybe - in it - some of the reasons many in the acad lost, relinquished, dealt away, gave away their powers? did the individual deals w/ the deans create boutique transactions ----and buy faculty silence, apathy on other fronts?

UC Path - where P= Payroll, A= Academic Personnel, T= Timekeeping, H= Human Resources

could there be a good reason why Berkeley doesn't launch until 2017 on UC Path?

if there was silence -- what was the price of it?

it was hinted at - but was there campus obfuscation, resistance to UC Path project implementation? Did certain campuses (or parts of campuses) tell UCOP to sit and spin on UC Path while $100+ mil went out in stipends, overtime, bonuses under the banner of UC Path work?

what was with that 'the campuses said there was never agreement first for the campuses to sign off on' excuse?

remember a wish for a community of scholars to help get out of the mire? - (having to think about this stuff must be a research buzzkill for many faculty - where they would rather think about their research not higher education admin.)

- looks like that community is going to include all sorts.
UCSB has a role/cameo in Underwater Dreams
more here and here

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