Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Several members of the UC Board of Regents were supposed to discuss the matter today during an audit and compliance committee meeting in San Francisco, but after questions Tuesday from Inside Higher Ed, Streitz said the issue had been mistakenly put on the regents’ agenda and was going to be pulled."

see: UC Weighs Bias Against Non-U.S. Researchers - lots of background materials there- but w/ a somewhat incomplete explanation of the relationship of the labs to UC.

btw It seems not an accident that UC Regent agenda items appear than disappear. That 'mistakenly' excuse sounds lame. Why not discuss it?
Also see the concerns of UCB students on UC SHIP here: Students grapple with the 2014 SHIP waiver due Tuesday

University health services for students came up in public comment at yesterday morning's UC Regents meeting when a speaker claimed to be former UCB legal staff and began making some concerning comments about HIPPA and FERPA policy and his concerns regarding handling of student records- go to the archive video here at the mark 00:41:10 his comments were cut off but what he did manage to say was concerning. The student clinics also came up today in a presentation by VP Stobo and by Regent De La Pena.
You can watch video archive of today's UC Regents meeting here - toggle to the 00:37:45 mark

and video archive of yesterday's meeting can be found here

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