Wednesday, July 16, 2014

UC Regents Meet July 16

view: agenda items and ways to view listen here

not a great day to claim tech difficulties - but they did live streaming...

The Morning Session and Afternoon Session Video Archive of today's meeting is now available here

Napolitano, in her opening remarks in the morning session, made brief reference to a new program where $50 million in new endowed chairs (like the Hewlett chairs at UCB?) would be created system-wide and some of the funding would go toward grad funding and faculty salaries in later stages of funding. See more on it at Daily Cal here

Later in the morning session they discussed UC PATH and - well, the claim that the project was not rolled out properly... and that maybe it is the fault of the campuses, maybe it is the fault of the UCOP or maybe it is the fault of UCOP from 10 years ago, maybe it is the fault of a badly designed and rolled out project- oh no wait- maybe ...anyway, Regent M asks some good questions about it. They should just call it
'UC PATH Hot Mess' --how much $$$$ has gone out already? They didn't want to get into that too much and instead mostly geared discussion toward future funding for it in the hundreds of millions of $$.

They get into STIP and TRIP too in the morning session.

The afternoon section video you have to toggle to the 01:14:00 to see the Compliance and Audit meeting

and then toggle to the 01:27:29 for the start of the Education Policy Committee meeting which rushed through a not terribly informative list of various activities. - but there were some good panelists toward the end and some good questions from an alumni regent and again Regent M and Regent Lozano made some very good points about needing the discussions and presentations to be more substantive, less about aactivities calendar lists and more about minding the gaps, identifying the gaps and why they keep happening - it needed to be said because the task force looks like it is flailing to find its direction.

It was rushed and rattled off presentation and thrown into a less well attended section of the UC Regents meeting which as not a great way to handle this hot potato agenda item.
abc local covers here: UC Board of Regents Discuss Sexual Assault On College Campuses

In both the morning and afternoon sections..state politics and UC comes up quite a bit- the Sacto slam all over the place in the comments by UC panelists persisted during each presentation.

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