Thursday, July 10, 2014

UC Regents Respond to UCSA, more

see:UC Regents plan to confirm pro-Israel UCLA student -Regents say Oved did not violate election code

There is a copy of the UC Regents letter to the UCSA toward the bottom of that story. UC Regents cite the Daily Bruin and Daily Cal articles on the reasoning.
an award UC San Diego Awards Emeriti Professorship to Veteran Scripps Climate Researcher
The award is named for Edward A. Dickson, who was a Regent of the University of California (UC) for 43 years, from 1913 to 1956, the year he died. This is the longest tenure of any regent in the history of UC. In 1955, Dickson presented the university with an endowment to support and maintain special annual professorships to be awarded to retired UC faculty members. Now each UC campus chooses one emeritus professor each year as a Dickson Emeriti Professor and makes an award of $10,000 to her or him.

--but 43 years?!
Here's info again -on next week's UC Regents meeting --including links to background materials that are added up to the start of the UC Regents meeting.

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