Wednesday, July 9, 2014

UCLA Whistleblower Testifies To Congress

see: Dr. Head's testimony HERE in this video from c-span. His comments begin at the 25:00 mark. Importantly: there is a section of the video toward the very end at the 02:29:00 mark where Rep. Jolly asks specifically about UCLA and the UCLA-VA connections and about that UCLA -VA "party".

also see this article from POGO: VA Whistleblowers Recount Retaliation for Voicing Concerns A similarly disheartening tale of whistleblower retaliation came from Dr. Christian Head, M.D., who works at the Greater Los Angeles VA. After testifying about co-workers falsifying time sheets, he says he was publicly ridiculed by his peers and labeled “a rat,” lost two weeks’ pay, and was transferred within the system. The VA Inspector General found that... -read the full article there. You might also: remember his name from these events at UCLA. Washington Post details it out more here: VA employees testify about retaliation against whistleblowers Among the other witnesses at the hearing was Christian Head, a physician and quality-assurance official for the VA’s Los Angeles health system, who said one of his bosses used an embarrassing slideshow presentation to punish him for aiding an investigation of her alleged time-card abuses. He said the supervisor is still serving in the same capacity for the VA, even though an inspector general recommended that she be removed. Head held up a copy of one slide that his supervisor showed at the event. It contained a picture of him on his phone, and it said: “If all else fails, he reports you to the inspector general at the VA.” “In front of 300 individuals, I was labeled a rat,” the physician said. “I was labeled the person who ratted out this person.” Head said another slide was “so heinous that I can’t even show or discuss it today.” According to a lawsuit published by a local ABC affiliate, the image showed Head’s face superimposed on a... - just read the details there. __ Some background on how UCLA and VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare system interact here -and for more examples of it see examples here and here and here and here.

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