Wednesday, July 9, 2014

UCSF Chancellor Pick Announced, Wilton Slams 'Ivory Tower' Documentary, more

SF Business Times: University of California Picks UCSF Chancellor

AVC Wilton on Ivory Tower documentary Viewpoints: Slamming college costs is easy, but it’s unfair

includes: It is simply not feasible to achieve financial equilibrium by acting on the cost side alone – not without a massive decline in quality and student services. This doesn’t mean building “climbing walls” as the film suggests, but investing in basic student needs – career advice, course selection, mental and physical health. We are adapting, but there’s a limit on our capacity when an estimated 70 percent of our revenue opportunities are constrained by decision-makers who aren’t directly associated with Berkeley.

Affordable, high-quality public higher education affects everyone. It creates businesses and jobs, and strengthens our workforce. It’s our nation’s most successful engine of social mobility – more important than ever in today’s environment of increasing income disparities. The UC system is a tremendous accomplishment that other states and countries envy and try to emulate. We are in this together, and time is not on our side. We should all take up this cause now, before it is too late.

and a further update on a then UCSD student-now UCSD alum's harrowing experience detailed at HuffPo.

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