Friday, July 25, 2014

update on UCSB poster incident, more

Fox News: California professor pleads no contest to assault on pro-life students
where they include this:
UCSB spokesman George Foulsham said the university does not discuss personal matters.

"Professor Miller-Young is not currently teaching any courses and is not scheduled to teach any courses during the fall quarter," Foulsham wrote in a statement to on Friday.

Did they mean to use 'personal' -- or 'personnel'?
Governor Brown Announces Appointments to the Committee on Awards for Innovation in Higher Education

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the following appointments to the Committee on Awards for Innovation in Higher Education. The 2014-15 state budget includes $50 million to recognize campuses that change existing policies, practices or systems to achieve the following state priorities:

Significantly increase the number of bachelor's degrees awarded;
Allow students to complete bachelor's degrees within four years after beginning higher education; and
Ease transfer through the state's education system by better recognizing learning that occurs across the state's education segments and elsewhere.

-he appointed Regent Lozano to it.
UCLA Faculty Blog "A different unkindest cut: Which Way LA? on the Master Plan and Budget Cuts at UC"
it highlights this:
The University of California Acts Like a Private School
and also see HuffPo: University Of California Complains Of Funding Shortfall, Then Gives Execs Pay Raises
UC and "Finally, a story about underage drinking with a happy ending"
Adrian Lopez, UC Davis’ director of state government relations, told me the new law applies only to public schools that have accredited enology and brewing programs, that a student has to be at least 18 and part of the major, that the alchohol must be in possession of an instructor who is of age, and, tragically (my word, not his), the student may not swallow.

“They can swirl it in their mouth to taste the defects, or how the fermentation process is going,” he said.

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