Saturday, August 23, 2014

$450 Million and $10,560

$450 million was the figure cited repeatedly (at the CA Senate Rules Committee hearing to approve UC Regents appointees which you can watch here) on the funds UC adds to its coffers for admitting international and out of state applicants. State Senators (like Steinberg) mentioned that UC recruiters made over 20 trips to China and one trip a UC recruiter made to New Delhi to try to recruit specific international students. Steinberg said he didn't have a problem with it so long as similar efforts were made to recruit Californians. Other CA state senators also asked if there were similar efforts to recruit Californians (dollar figures on UC travel expenditures for this were not included in the discussion) Regent Blum responded he wasn't sure those trips were solely for recruiting international students...

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Fresno Bee: The state Senate overwhelmingly reconfirmed four members of the University of California Board of Regents Friday, but not before raising concerns over the university’s increasing enrollment of out-of-state and international students.

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$10,560 is the price tag for degree -cited by community college leadership on their potential new BA degree programs The Governor and leg have been in support of putting more resources toward solutions through the CCCs.

"We’re not going to see bachelor's programs in English, math, history, sociology, chemistry and all of those fields that are traditional liberal arts fields," said Constance Carroll, Chancellor of the San Diego Community College District, and a member of the California Community College Baccalaureate Degree Study Group. "What we will see are baccalaureate programs in workforce fields where there is high demand."

At the CA Senate Rules Committee hearing -which you can watch here-- they approved UC Regents appointees. First though, several state senators had questions and criticisms of decision on UC curriculum and A-G course approval decisions, much more-- and one state senator asked for their verbal commitment that, as UC Regents, they would advance more online instruction as a highest priority and they responded by making that commitment to the committee... - they also asked each uc regent to highlight one key issue they would work on as individual regents

Pattiz said he would work on bringing the national labs tech know how to campuses for solutions. (that actually could be a good thing to start discussing at UC Regents meetings during the labs committee he chairs --rather than having 'let's feel good about the Labs research' presentation/learning session. if UC Regents want to learn about telescopes and research projects etc. they should have that kind of presentation at another time. It would be great to gear that time toward the relationship b/ween the labs and the campuses system-wide discussion.)

Sherman (who almost never talks at UC Regents meetings) said he would work on trying to make the system act more like one entity in procurement, policies etc. (guess that was an easy reach for him given the UC Path and Working Smarter presentations he just heard in July at the UC Regents meeting.)

Lozano said diversity issues.

Blum said he would work with his poverty center satellites to communicate on UC- it was vague.

Discussion of problems with how UC groups Asian Pacific Islanders (API) in admissions data/decisions also came up in the CA Senate rules meeting which you can watch here - there is the belief that many CA residents who identify as API are being denied admission to UC because of the way they are grouped by UC in admissions data - it came up toward the end and in public comment.

Will add in other 'notes -not quotes -scribbles' from the confirmation of UC Regents appointees in Sacto meeting- later- but, once again you can watch it here.

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